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Meet Your Team

Brian Peardon, AIF®

(916) 297-6394

"I absolutely love my work. Financial advising was an obvious career move for me because it’s the place I can do the most good for others. There’s nothing better than watching hard-working people reach their financial goals and create legacy for their families.”

In 2004, Brian began his journey in a large financial firm, though he didn’t like their “sell-sell-sell” style of business, because it almost always put corporate profits before clients needs. In 2008, he joined an independent financial firm that led him to create 401K Engineers– a place where his vision of putting clients first could be realized.

Not your average Financial Advisor, Brian focuses on providing Lifetime Advise using his “90/10 Advising Rule” – spending 10% on finances and 90% of navigating the road and seasons to support clients in reaching their goals.

When Brian isn’t working, he loves spending time with his family of six children and also performing service projects for his church.

Paul Marchetti, AIF®

(916) 297-6394

"I enjoy creating and building custom solutions."

Paul builds every piece of advice on his deep understanding of people from all walks of life. Starting out in a family hardware business back in 1985, he early on realized that he thoroughly enjoyed educating customers on solutions. He knows the realities of managing a business as well as what it’s like to be the client of a financial advisor; it was actually his own advisor who originally inspired him to launch a new career in financial services.

After 13 years in stock-broking and insurance, Paul formed 401k Engineers in 2015 with renewed energy. Here, he can really make the most of his passion for problem-solving. Much like during his days in hardware, he enjoys helping people build things and overcome obstacles – and he always ensures that clients fully understand the process. The best choice is the educated choice.

Kerri Self, AIF®

Client Relations Manager

(916) 297-6394

“I love to serve others in the highest and best way possible. It’s important to me for people to be heard and feel taken care of.”

Kerri is a 20 year veteran in the financial services industry and joined 401k Engineers in 2016. Her greatest passion is in helping people, serving others and developing relationships. She has a vast knowledge base within the industry of financial planning including: Alternative Investments, Retirement Planning, Business Succession Planning as well as Life and Disability Insurance Planning.

Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. They love attending baseball games and cheerleading competitions for their kids. A very active family, they love to camp, hike, paddleboard, kayak, and even–on occasion–run races (together).