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You've built a career. You have assets, a steady income, and an initial investment strategy.

But you've still got unanswered questions...

  • Will I ever be able to retire? 
  • When and how much do I need?
  • Can I do the things in life that I really want to do?
  • How do I know I'm on pace?
  • How can I make sure my investment plan performs through all seasons of life? 

These are fair questions.

In fact, if you're still asking yourself those questions, then you've got some likely holes in your investment plan. Because when you create a solid Lifetime Wealth Plan™, you should ask these questions first to engineer the strategy to get you there.

Retirement and wealth planning is a process that intimates many, but we're here to demystify your journey. We'll begin by listening to your financial goals and drafting a blueprint that builds towards your future.

Lifetime Wealth Advisor

Life doesn't have to be on hold until you "officially" retire.

A Lifetime Wealth Plan™ uniquely designed to meet your "present day" life and "future life" can give you the confidence you need to Live More Now. 

With the right strategy, you can start savoring life's moments and experience right now.  Taking the trip...seeing the world...building the dream house...writing the book...


We're not your average financial services firm. We're not trying to sell you a line of products. Most of our clients never leave and not many firms can say this.  Our clients stay because we create Your Lifetime Wealth Plan - removing the stresses of planning and helping you create the plans you need. 

Customized Investment Strategy

We offer customized, low stress investment strategies for the biggest moments in your life.  A few of our specialties include:

  • Lifetime Wealth Management
  • Discovering your Real Retirement Number™, and designing a plan to reach it with peace of mind
  • Estate planning from one generation to the next
  • Big Purchase Planning™ for life's seasons (like weddings, a new home, and welcoming a new baby)
  • Creating a proper savings cushion to help protect you and your family from sudden life changes
  • Preparing to officially retire (how to take the first steps to retirement and what changes you must make in order to stay on track
  • Creating a Financial Legacy for generations
  • Charitable-giving strategies

We aren't a one-size-fits all company.

at 401(k) Engineers, we work with individuals who really care about their future and their life.  We work with people who deeply care, love their families and want to provide the best possible life financially.