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Retirement Readiness


<strong>Just remember 90-10-90</strong>
<li>90%+ Participation rate</li>
<li>10%+ Average employee deferral</li>
<li>90% Appropriate Investment Diversification</li>

Just remember 90-10-90
  • 90%+ Participation rate
  • 10%+ Average employee deferral
  • 90% Appropriate Investment Diversification

We strive to build retirement plans that follow 90-10-90.[1]  This means that the plan has 90%+ participation rate, 10%+ average savings deferral, and 90%+ of the participants are appropriately invested.  We feel that retirement plans were created so that employees could retire successfully.  Which is why we try to work with employers and decision-makers that understand the importance of retirement readiness.

To assist your employees and prepare for a secure future, here are three powerful ideas:


Increase plan participation

Auto Escalate

Allows plan sponsors to increase participant deferrals


Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs) act as a vehicle for long-term retirement savings.


We are your engineers. We work with you to actively build the plan. This includes following the plan document, enrolling employees, 3(38) fiduciary investment managers, tracking operational compliance, service provider analysis, fee benchmarking, and cost reasonableness. We help establish prudent, documented fiduciary files that aim to reduce
your liability exposure and work to build a great retirement savings structure.

By discussing your business needs, we can provide consultation to discuss which plan design features might be best for your business structure and employee demographics. This might include auto-enrollment, Safe Harbor, stretch the match, new comparability, cash balance plan ideas, and more.