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Paul Marchetti, AIF®

(209) 879-9450

"I enjoy creating and building custom solutions."

Paul builds every piece of advice on his deep understanding of people from all walks of life. Starting out in a family hardware business back in 1985, he early on realized that he thoroughly enjoyed educating customers on solutions. He knows the realities of managing a business as well as what it’s like to be the client of a financial advisor; it was actually his own advisor who originally inspired him to launch a new career in financial services.

For over 13 years in stock-broking and insurance, Paul formed 401k Engineers in 2015 with renewed energy. Here, he can really make the most of his passion for problem-solving. Much like during his days in hardware, he enjoys helping people build things and overcome obstacles – and he always ensures that clients fully understand the process. The best choice is the educated choice.