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Brian Peardon, AIF®

"I absolutely love my work. Financial advising was an obvious career move for me because it’s the place I can do the most good for others. There’s nothing better than watching hard-working people reach their financial goals and create legacy for their families.”

In 2004, Brian began his journey in a large financial firm, though he didn’t like their “sell-sell-sell” style of business, because it almost always put corporate profits before clients needs. In 2008, he joined an independent financial firm that led him to create 401K Engineers– a place where his vision of putting clients first could be realized.

Not your average Financial Advisor, Brian focuses on providing Lifetime Advise using his “90/10 Advising Rule” – spending 10% on finances and 90% of navigating the road and seasons to support clients in reaching their goals.

When Brian isn’t working, he loves spending time with his family of six children and also performing service projects for his church.